A Mom to a Freelancer

Being a mom is a fulfilling job, but switching to become a freelancer I’m a bit nervous and excited. There is a lot to do and to learn in setting up as a freelancer. But as long you are prepared for those stumbles and missteps, you’ll end up succeeding.

The Challenges for me as a mom to be a freelancer are:

  1. Where to start – Yes, where to start, as a mom you need to know where you’re going to start to become a freelancer. I searched on the internet who offers freelancing courses and I enrolled. So someone will guide me all the way to my freelancing career.
  2. What are the things needed in freelancing – Laptop/computer, internet connections, headset, those are the first things you will be needing in freelancing. As a mom to get those things I need to save, we buy only what is essential. I learned that if you really want something, and it is important you have to save for it.
  3. Time management – It is important as a mom on how she manages her time. It’s a challenge especially when you have kids, chores and work. So I learn to manage my time. Making a daily planner or itinerary list for a day was a great help.
  4. Setting up an office – It’s a challenge for me because I have a toddler son who is curious about everything. So I need to set up a comfortable space to do my portfolios out of his reach. I know not every mom has a lot of space in their houses. So just find a place in your house that you can put up a little office and make yourself comfortable.

I know being a mom is a hard job in the world, but if you want to go out of your comfort zone do not be afraid and try new things that you know that could be able to help your family. 

For me as a mom , becoming a freelancer would help me grow my career, learn new things and I am able to give my family financial freedom.

Enroll yourself in Freelancing at Filipino Virtual Assistance. They are offering a lot of courses and they will guide you on your freelancing career. All the coaches or mentors they will help and guide you. 

So Mommy, Mama, Nanay let’s switch to a freelancing career, working from home, have a flexible time but most of all we have more quality time with our family.

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